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Openldap 2.1.3 - Berkeley BDB 4.0 database backup inconsistencies


2nd. question

I honestly have RTFMed (Berkeley docs for 4.0) until I've become blue in
the face. Read and read again. Consulted Internet FAQs, etc. In spite of
my signature below.

I've tried all suggested stuff for making snapshots, hot backups etc.

My experience is, that even by following the docs for deleting Berkeley
DBD 4.0/Openldap 2.1.3 log files and creating new, with db_checkpoint,
it just does not work. Newly created logfiles give unrecovorable errors
with slapd. Even with a minimum, often with more, of 2 db_checkpoints in
advance and db_recover -c.  Punctum finale.

I can create a whole database from the (huge) logfile and nothing else
besides, but then I end up with the huge logfile again.

The only way I can do a backup and rebuild the sole, rapidly growing,
logfile, is to shut down the database, do an 'slapcat -l ldif' (whether
or not in the DB_HOME directory), delete the whole database, do an
slapadd -l ldif, db_index, db_recover -c, 'chown ldap *', start slapd
again and I have a working database again, with a much reduced log file.

That's o.k. for my small system (logfile max. 4MB), but I'd hate to have
to do it for a large organization or an ISP.

Anybody have anything better to suggest?



Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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