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Re: Alternatives to LDAP

Caylan Van Larson wrote:
> Hello,
> Other than using openldap and other ldap implementations, are there any
> alternatives available for _only_ doing global authentication?  I do not
> need the robustness of ldap for the purposes used on campus.  Originally

Your problem is PAM, not LDAP. You could try NIS, or NIS and NIS-to-LDAP
gateway. But you will probably hate NIS even more.

PAM is PITA. Both in design and implementation. It is a chore to
administer. It is heavy on resources (when you run servers spawning
these modules for busy servers is a lot of CPU)
Its convoluted design is hard to even understand for most people.
The documentation for it is lacking. And last time I tried pam-ldap
(which admittedly was a long time ago) it did not even support MD5

The real problem is the lack of libraries for Unix-from-LDAP
authentication. That said, anyone want to write gepw* for LDAP?