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Re: objectclass account from cosine

At 09:45 AM 2002-07-26, Matthew J Backes wrote:
>Hi.  Our site is using objectclass Account (from Cosine) for easy
>access to the host attribute, so we can easily control which users
>have shell access to which machines.
>When I tried loading the LDIF into 2.1, slapadd squawked about Invalid
>structural objectclass chain inetOrgPerson/Account.
>This makes sense, as top -> person -> organizationalPerson ->
>inetOrgPerson is our primary structural chain, and Account is declared
>Is it really supposed to be declared STRUCTURAL? 


>So: Should that objectclass be AUXILIARY, or is there a better way to
>solve this problem?

Create an inetOrgPersonAccount STRUCTURAL class that
inherits from both inetOrgPerson and Account and use that...