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objectclass account from cosine

Hi.  Our site is using objectclass Account (from Cosine) for easy
access to the host attribute, so we can easily control which users
have shell access to which machines.

When I tried loading the LDIF into 2.1, slapadd squawked about Invalid
structural objectclass chain inetOrgPerson/Account.

This makes sense, as top -> person -> organizationalPerson ->
inetOrgPerson is our primary structural chain, and Account is declared

Is it really supposed to be declared STRUCTURAL?  It makes much more
sense as AUXILIARY.  I looked at RFC-1274 ("The COSINE and Internet
X.500 Schema") and I'm still not certain; it's written in the
x.500-ish schema format rather than RFC-2252 style.

So: Should that objectclass be AUXILIARY, or is there a better way to
solve this problem?

Matthew Backes