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RE: Can't get started openldap-server 2.0.23 + obsd 3.0


Hit the nail right on the head - thank you for your input.  It seems I
got myself confused with the server configuration and the initial setup
with the ldif file.  But you got me straightened out!!


James Herschel
JSquared Network Solutions

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Subject: Re: Can't get started openldap-server 2.0.23 + obsd 3.0

i'm not a specialist of ldap at all but
i think your first ldap entry in ldif file and the suffix of your
database in 
slapd.conf should match.

in the administrator guide, you can read 

suffix <dn>

As described in the General Database Directives section, this option
which entries are to be held by this database. You should set this to
the DN 
of the root of the subtree you are trying to create. 

so, i think you should change try to your suffix in slapd.conf to  :
suffix  "dc=bozack,dc=com"

hope it will help you