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Re: Required Items for an LDIF-Record

At 02:05 AM 2002-07-22, Wenner, Sebastian wrote:
>Hi all, 
>I have a question concerning the contents of a (LDIF-)record to be added to
>the LDAP tree. Main focus is on the RDN part.
>As defined in RFC 2251, Section 4.7 (Add Opereation, Page 34) the following
>should be included :
>   - attributes: the list of attributes that make up the content of the
>     entry being added.  Clients MUST include distinguished values
>     (those forming the entry's own RDN) in this list, the objectClass
>     attribute, and values of any mandatory attributes of the listed
>     object classes.  
>Here is stated, that I MUST include the part forming the RDN, in my case
>this would be uid=12345. This is of course mandatory, because uid is a
>must-attribute in posixAccount. But if I contruct a record using e.g gecos
>to form the RDN, this is working without having a gecos record in the entry.
>(breaks in my opinion RFC-specs ...)
>Is this "works-as-desinged" ? 

Currently, the server doesn't check this... and shouldn't need to
give the requirement made upon the client above.

>Is there a way to make openldap automagically add a missing RDN-part to the
>entry ?


>Thnx for your comments and advises
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