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RE: Auto notify directory changes?

Slurpd builds (and runs!) fine for Windows using MinGW as the build
It probably would not take much effort to fix up the MSVC project file for

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> Greetings!
> I am forced to work with OpenLdap on the windows platform for this project.
> On windows, SLURPD is unavailable.   I need to tightly integrate some
> applications with LDAP.  So other than manually parsing the repicalog.log
> file....
> 1. How can another process be notified of directory modifications/changes?
> 2. Has some form of persistent search been implemented?  This is unclear
> from the archives.
> 3. Can a backend be used for this?  If so, would someone be so kind as to
> post a quick pseudo example?
>  Does anyone have suggestions or clues on how to proceed?
> Thanks for you time.
> nospamHoward.Moore@starbase.com