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Re: ACL Question

Try to grant modification rights to a child node already at the parent level!
For instance, administrator can grant write permission to a specific DN which is
at a higher hierachy above the nodes that contain the child nodes. Don't forget
to extend that write permission by using 'dn.subtree' or 'dn.children' in the
<what> part of the acl statements, i.e. access to dn.subtree / dn.children ...
then in the by <who> part, use 'dn.exact' to specify a child object, who will
pick up
the write permission.
That specific child object can now write its parent node.
Consult the OpenLDAP admin guide for the syntax of the stylelist in acl

- Un

Puneet Walia wrote:

> Hi ,
> I m trying to create an ACL where i am able to give child node
> rights to add entry at parent level,
> but it is not working properly, I m able to modify the parent entry by child
> entry by giving it write permissions but when it comes to adding an entry at
> parent level
> it fails to add entry
> can anybody give me a clue
> greetings
> Puneet
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