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Re: Faster searches

In your slapd.conf file, include the list of objects to index.  Here is my 
index list as an example below.  When you build the database with ldapadd 
the indexes will be created and your searches will go much faster.

If you already have the database populated, stop the ldap server and use 
slapindex, then restart.  This will build the index list on an offline 
database.  Although, I have had no luck creating an indexed database 
using slapadd and slapindex. 

You can delete the entire database in etc/openldap/* and recreate it with 
ldapadd from an ldif file.  It takes me only a couple of minutes to do 
this for 14K users.

# Indices to maintain
index default eq
index uid
index sn
index gidNumber
index uidNumber
index gecos
index loginshell
index homeDirectory
index cn
index objectClass eq

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, ISABEL.FALANTES.EXT wrote:

> Hello, I'm new in this list and in LDAP's world.
> There is some way to do that searches are faster?
> Thanks in advance, Isa.

Andrew Bacchi
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