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Re: Hello...LDAP seems to crash.

it's probably because that there are too many connection handles open. More
than the threads max. socket limit. If that 's the case you could use the
directive "idletimeout" to limit the number of idle ( actually LISTEN ) mode
sockets. slapd will disconnect them according to the time ( in sec. ) you've
set in the slapd.conf file.
That way a constant managable number of connections handles is guranteed. Hope
this should help you.

- Un

"Glenn Tegeder (PLS-HQ)" wrote:

> Dear List,
>      I have been encountering an issue with ldap giving the error:
> DFCFFBEF51 1718 Thu Jul 18 11:44:55 gtegeder@pls-net.org pls-l@pls-net.org
>   temporary failure. Command output: grpdeliver: ldap_search: No such
> object
> I have been working with SuSe to try and resolve the problem, however, I
> haven't made any progress.  I run SuSe Linux with E-mail Server III and
> it seems to work fine for the most part.  The main problem is that when
> a message is sent to a group of 150 people the error above is received
> and ldap and then the message is placed in the queue.   Once this
> happens the message is sent over and over again and never seems to leave
> the queue even after it's been delivered.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions?  Any help at all would be great even if it's only a place
> to read.  I can't seem to find why it's crashing.  The only idea I can
> think of is because it's 150 people maybe it's timing out when tryin to
> send.  But I don't see why the messages would make it through if that
> were the case.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.
>  And if you need more specifics on the situation I can respond in detail.

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