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RE: LDAP mail routing

# > If you search your sendmail.cf, you'll see that you search for a
# > mailRoutingAddress AND and an objectclass. OpenLDAP doesn't seem to
# > understand that more than one objectclass can be searched 
# on. You can try
# > putting the "objectclass: inetLocalMailRecipient" on top of 
# the list.
# I do not understand this comment.  You can put as many objectClasses
# as you like in a search filter, and OpenLDAP responds as expected;
# you don't need to muck with the ordering of the values, because it
# is definitely irrelevant.  The standard query that comes with sendmail
# (based on draft-lachman-laser-*) always worked fine out of the box
# without need for tailoring. 

sendmail queries for (something like)

'(&(objectclass=inetLocalMailRecipient) (mailRoutingAddress=whatever))' but
won't find so.

I know it should be irrelevant, but unfortunately it isn't. Trying to do the
same query using ldapsearch didn't give me any results either.

I'm not using RedHat (or whatever Linux for that matter) btw.


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