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Re:Re: dhcp+ldap

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From: Adam Williams 
To: zzhhyyyy@sohu.com 
Cc: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org 
Subject: Re: dhcp+ldap
Sent: Sat Jul 20 01:03:46 CST 2002

> >I am studying a project about integrating dhcp into ldap,
> >i have read some RTF document,but i still need more document to study
> >it.May anyone tell me some related information and product about
> >integrating dhcp into ldap and how to acquire it ?
> Do you mean client side:  being able to push LDAP settings down to a
> client as is done with proxy servers, etc...  What client platforms are
> you looking at?
> Do you mean server side:  Bieng able to store lease information in a DSA,
> propagates name information (as for use with BINDs sdb backend), etc...?
> If so what DHCP server packages are you looking at? ISC?
> There is code in padl's nss packages that support server location via SRV
> records.
thank you very much for replying for me. Can you tell me how to find padl's nss packages? what's more,can you also tell me some product and related documents ?