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referral + rebind + search + scope onelevel/ base


I set up an OpenLDAP server with a referral to another LDAP server. The
second one needs authentification so anonymous bind is not possible
while chasing the referral.
I register a rebind callback procedure which works great: In my rebind
function I do the bind to the second  server.

My problem here: if I do a search with scope subtree everything works ok
(because it makes no big difference). But when I do a search with scope
"onelevel" or "base" (base dn is under the second server) I always get
back the base entry of the second server. It seems that with the second
bind in my rebind-fuction it forgets the original search base.

I wrote a workaround for myself which is not very nice : I start a new
search in my rebind function.

The OpenLDAP client seems  to be buggy in this case. This feature works
with anonymous bind without any problems.

My testing environment: OpenLDAP-2.1.1 Beta client and local OpenLDAP
2.0.23 server. Second LDAP: Active Directory. I tested it with the
"ltest" program under libraries/libldap. Protocol version: 3

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance!