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one-level search with subordinate backends


Please help me with `subordinate' backends. I very appreciate any
experience with them.

The problem is I can not perform one-level searches, they fail with
"DSA Unwilling to perform".

When I build up two backends

suffix "cn=unit1,ou=units,o=org,c=ru"
  entry "cn=something1"
  entry "cn=something2"

suffix "o=org,c=ru"
  entry "cn=Manager"
  entry "ou=units"

When I fill them with some entries:
 1. Search with scope `sub' is ok from any level.
 2. Search with scope `base' is ok from any level.
 3. Search with scope `one' fails with "DSA unwilling to perform" at
 any level but the gluepoint, i.e.

   scope=one basedn="o=org,c=ru" FAIL "DSA unwilling to perform"
*  scope=one basedn="ou=units,o=org,c=ru" OK
   scope=one basedn="cn=unit1,ou=units,o=org,c=ru" FAIL "DSA unwilling to perform"
   scope=one basedn="cn=something1,cn=unit1,ou=units,o=org,c=ru"
                            also fails "DSA unwilling to perform"

When I removed (commented out) the whole subordinate backend, all
searches (sub|base|one) at basedn="o=org,c=ru" have become fine!

Can anybody tell me what happening please? What am I doing wrong?
May be I misunserstood the subordinate backend concept?

Best regards,
 Peter                          mailto:spam4octan@highway.ru