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Adding Users

Good Morning,

Can anyone recommend the 'right' way to add/del/mod users in ldap.  These 
functions will have to create/delete (archive) home directories and modify 
quotas.  Unfortunately, the filesystem changes happen on solaris boxes.  
Thats not a bad thing... but I really dont have a good feel for Solaris 

I have looked at cpu (comments on this?) and it looks promising.   
Multiple web based (php) applications exist, but all look as if they are 
not being actively maintained or I fear this in the future.

Idealy these functions would be command line oriented and easy to upgrade 
and modify.

Just in case:
Running openldap-2.0.23
	(--with-tls --without-cyrus-sasl)
on RedHat Linux 7.2 using kernel 2.4.7-10

Thanks for your time,