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Net services stop when slapd is down

Hi folk
i'm in trouble in authenticating users on Solaris 8 with OpenLDAP
I succeeded (this morning) in using Solaris native ldap support for authenticate users on a OpenLDAP server.
I'm trying to resolve a new problem concerned (i think) with nsswitch. That is when slapd is down (and only nis users are valid users) services like rlogin and ftp hang up before asking for the pass. If meanwhile the server is resumed they continue normally.
This happens both for nis (valid) and ldap users.
What in your opinion can couse this strange behaviour ?
Some times ago I found that there are some 'timing' problems that put into trouble the auth procedure when the server is down so that even root can't login ... but i can't find where i read it and don't know if it helps.
The nsswitch.conf lines are
passwd: files nis ldap
group: files nis ldap
I tried to modify criterion [UNAVAIL=return] on the lines above but being ldap the last source any criterion following it is discarded.
Any help is welcome. Thanks
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