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Re: which value does the attribute value of modifytimestamp and createtimestamp follow?

>could i ask a question regarding the meta attributes createtimestamp and
>I happened to read a mail you've replied on the openldap-software list, I
>tried posting on the list but my mail didn't get delivered.
>>doing an ldapsearch for meta-attribute createtimestamp and modifytime
>>shows the values
>>as parsedate format.
>>The problem is that the value processed by slapd in the DSA is nearly 2
>>hours behind the correct
>>value of the system's clock. Where do these meta-attributes get there
>>timestamp information? Can this problem be fixed?

The values are adjusted from the current time based upon the system
timezone to produce time stamps in Median/Zulu/GMT (whatever the
"official" name is these days).  It allows the timestamps of any DSA in
the world to be compared without having to fuss with time zones,  assuming
that the clocks are correct.