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Berkeley DB4 backend question


Red Hat 7.2 much modified, openldap 2.1.3, Berkeley DB4, full pam and
nss support.

Firstly, I wouldn't be asking this, were it not for the many
knowledgeable people in the group who gave hints and instructions to get
things up and running. I simply wouldn't have got anywhere near today's
level on my own. So thank you all.

Secondly: Still at the stage where, as Unix sysadmin and long-time NIS
sceptic, the possibilities of the whole thing for organization-wide
administration and delegation seem like utter magic. I've always admired
Novell's NDS immensely, now I have a Unix DS that can integrate with it.
What's more, openldap is transparent and comes with a wealth of tools,
whereas NDS is all point and click and pray for the best.

Specifically: I've read as much of the docs that come with Berkeley DB4
and openldap 2.1.3. Plus Adam's ldapv3.pdf, IBM's stuff and much else.
But the possibilities of DB4 leave me breathless. I've already
discovered I can make hot tar and cpio backups, shut down slapd, delete
the whole database and restore it with impunity.

However, there is much specific to the openldap DB4 implementation
that's not documented. Berkeley's docs stress that they cover libraries,
not an implementation.

For example, the database transaction log file is growing and I can't
find anything about log rotation. Database files are growing, don't know
how to rid them of faults. Etc. etc. I wouldn't know how BDB 4 differs
from BDB 3, and I don't know if there are relevant docs on the latter.

Can anyone point me to docs that cover the above, missing, openldap DB4
database administration?




Tony Earnshaw

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