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various client connect problems with slapd+TLS

I am having an issue with a few client applications.
I am using auth_ldap.c with Apache 1.3.26 to authenticate
users of a web application written in PHP.  The PHP app also
accesses the LDAP directory to grab certain information 
about the user.

With auth_ldap, I am able to connect and authenticate (with TLS), but from
time to time I get a Connect error and I am denied access. 
With PHP, using ldap_start_tls, I get the same connect error (0x5b) but debuging
output from slapd suggests that my PHP query was done over TLS.

It should be noted that the openldap tools themselves (ldapsearch, ldapmodify, etc..)
do not seem to have a problem with this.

OpenLDAP is compiled with TLS support, both auth_ldap.c and PHP have been compiled 
and linked against these libraries.  

I had been researching these problems independent of each other, and when I found out
that both my auth_ldap problem and my PHP problem were related, I began to think something
was wrong with [my] slapd.  Though, I have been able to reproduce these errors 
with PHP on another LDAP server.

Any suggestions, hints or other information would be appreciated!