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Re: Residential and business addresses schema

ons, 2002-07-17 kl. 21:31 skrev Dan Melomedman:

> I am trying to find a solution for differentiating business and
> residential addresses in our schema. I don't see much standard schema
> which does this nicely. I see the residentialPerson object class, but the
> important attributes are the same as for the person object class. How is it
> possible to store both business and residential addresses in one entry,
> and know which is which with this object class?

> I couldn't find any specific residential address object classes.

I can't see why combining person, organizationalPerson and inetOrgPerson
won't do this for you. It does for me.

Furthermore, you won't need this for everyone/thing and as Alan has
pointed out, evolutionPerson will give you a lot of nice things for
sundry contacts, including what you want, - if your client can use it.
Evolution can :-)

*NO* OID is "non-standard", certainly not Evolution, unless the person
who designs it hasn't the faintest idea of what he's at.




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