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ACL Question

Hi all
I m using openldap 2.0.25

I m trying to create an ACL where one user is Administrator for the complete directory structure

for tha I have specified this
access to *
      by self write
      by dn="cn=Manoj,ou=admin,o=HomeAppl" write
      by *  read

2) With the upper acl I have created a client which can create its own children node

access to dn=".*,(Client=.*,businessCat=Calls,o=HomeAppl)"
by dn="$1" write
by anonymous auth
till this leve everythig is working fine
i m able to create clients , and my clients futher are able to create its own user but when it comes to modify those users or add another node under those user , its not happening.

Can anybody tell me whats happening


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