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RE: LDAP Replication:

Today at 11:53am, Venkataraman, Jeeva wrote:

> Oh.
> So it would be : URI      ldap://master.example.com:389   ldap://slave.example.com:389
> Is that good?

Yes, that is good.

> How does it know that which is master and which is slave?

It doesn't.  It knows to try the first URI and if that fails, try the
second one.  Your servers have to know which is master and which is

I assume that your slave slapd.conf file has an updateref statement in
the ldbm backend definition (that is what tells the slave where to
forward clients that are trying to make an update on the slave server).

Sounds to me like you should do some reading.  I strongly suggest Adam
Williams' wonderful presentation on OpenLDAP which you can get from

Good Luck,