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Re: connecting ldap to ssh server

ons, 2002-07-17 kl. 14:10 skrev Reinartz, Denis:

> i´m new to ldap and what to change our authentication system. Now you always
> have to login with pw and username. If you have more than 100 machines you
> get sick to login. I have read on openssh.org that you can use ldap to put
> your publickey or something else on it to authenticate automatically on
> destination host. But i can´t find a manual whether how to set up ldap
> system nor how to set up ssh to connect to that ldap box!? Maybe one of you
> has experience or text-stuff for me.

Perhaps you could start by asking Adam Tauno Williams
(awilliam@whitemice.org) if you can borrow his book: "LDAP and
OpenLDAP (on the Linux Platform)". He's very generous.

Then there's: http://search.icq.com/cat.adp?id=5517

And read IBM's excellent "IBM-Understanding-LDAP-sg244986.pdf"

You have a long, hard grind ahead, Reinartz. But one of the most
fascinating experiences you could imagine.




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