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R: Backend integration of a CORBA application

Telling the truth my problem is quite simple, but I have not much experience
in LDAP...
I have an application which has to resolve a wap session id into a telephone
number, and in order to perform such a conversion has to query the radius
server, and supposes that the radius server has a LDAPv3 interface.
I have written a perl script which performs the needed actions on the CORBA
It gets in input the sessionID and in output returns the Tel Number. 
I'd like to understand how can I configure my shell backend database and
modify the shell script in order to make my system respond to the query:

./ldapsearch -b clid_ip temp_ip= 

(with no authentication)

getting the response:,CLID_IP


Best Regards

Giovanni Calzuola

>-----Messaggio originale-----
>Da: Rudolf Schreiner [mailto:ras@objectsecurity.com]
>Inviato: mercoledì 17 luglio 2002 15.00
>A: Calzuola Giovanni
>Oggetto: Re: Backend integration of a CORBA application
>On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Calzuola Giovanni wrote:
>> I need to interface an application which acts as an LDAP 
>client with a
>> server application which exports a CORBA interface.
>We wrote a CORBA->LDAP interface. And in the future we will 
>probably need
>the other direction, too.
>> according to your experience, which is the better way to the problem?
>Custom back end, but depending on your database this could be quite
>tricky, since the object models are quite different. If the 
>CORBA database
>supports real searches you have good luck. If the database interface is
>"object orientated" you have more problems.
>So without knowing your problems in more details that's all I 
>can say now.