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Re: eudora + login


In your "prefs" file you can add the line
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.<server name>.auth.dn", "<dn>");

Granted, there's no GUI for this, but you only have to do it once per
client.  (Or are these shared clients?)  I haven't tried it with "@"
characters, so I don't know what will happen in that case.
John Dalbec

Dan Lowe wrote:
> Previously, Tom Ryan wrote:
> > Thats what I figured.. Is Qualcomm aware of this? Do they care?
> Well, I didn't find anything about it on their web site (but I may have
> missed something).  I didn't bring it to their attention, because I got
> caught up in other things and didn't even think to do that.
> What I find rather frustrating is the general lack of client support for
> logging into a directory server.  I have my server set up so that you need
> to log in to see anything at all (except the admin user).  However, this
> means I can only log in using Outlook and Outlook Express.  A rather
> limited range of clients.
> Eudora of course has this anonymous-only bug.  Eudora for Mac OSX seems to
> support only anonymous logins (you can give it a URL only).  But that's
> better than offering it and then ignoring the option.
> Netscape 4 can log in, but only if it already has read access to turn a
> user@domain form into a full DN (i.e. you tell it your username is
> "dan@tangledhelix.com" and it does a search to turn that into a full DN).
> This is useless when your objective is to require a login before granting
> read access, of course.
> Mozilla and Netscape 6 (which is based on Mozilla) both lack login support
> entirely.
> Microsoft Entourage X (only available on Mac OSX) supports login with full
> DN, but it converts some characters (such as @) to their hex format, and
> OpenLDAP doesn't like that.  It rejects the login attempt.
> So in effect, for my purposes, I'm limited to allowing access to only
> Outlook and Outlook Express users.  Why do they work?  Because you can put
> a full DN in the username field in their config, and it uses that to bind.
> The rest either do a search to resolve a full DN, or just don't support
> logins at all.
> > On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Dan Lowe wrote:
> > > Previously, Tom Ryan wrote:
> > > > Has anyone managed to get Eudora to login?
> > > > It appears that while the checkbox is there, it does not work.
> > >
> > > That's consistent with my experience.  Even if supplied with login
> > > information, it continues to bind anonymously.
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