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Re: eudora + login

Previously, Tom Ryan wrote:
> Thats what I figured.. Is Qualcomm aware of this? Do they care?

Well, I didn't find anything about it on their web site (but I may have
missed something).  I didn't bring it to their attention, because I got
caught up in other things and didn't even think to do that.

What I find rather frustrating is the general lack of client support for
logging into a directory server.  I have my server set up so that you need
to log in to see anything at all (except the admin user).  However, this
means I can only log in using Outlook and Outlook Express.  A rather
limited range of clients.

Eudora of course has this anonymous-only bug.  Eudora for Mac OSX seems to
support only anonymous logins (you can give it a URL only).  But that's
better than offering it and then ignoring the option.

Netscape 4 can log in, but only if it already has read access to turn a
user@domain form into a full DN (i.e. you tell it your username is
"dan@tangledhelix.com" and it does a search to turn that into a full DN).
This is useless when your objective is to require a login before granting
read access, of course.

Mozilla and Netscape 6 (which is based on Mozilla) both lack login support

Microsoft Entourage X (only available on Mac OSX) supports login with full
DN, but it converts some characters (such as @) to their hex format, and
OpenLDAP doesn't like that.  It rejects the login attempt.

So in effect, for my purposes, I'm limited to allowing access to only
Outlook and Outlook Express users.  Why do they work?  Because you can put
a full DN in the username field in their config, and it uses that to bind.
The rest either do a search to resolve a full DN, or just don't support
logins at all.

> On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Dan Lowe wrote:
> > Previously, Tom Ryan wrote:
> > > Has anyone managed to get Eudora to login?
> > > It appears that while the checkbox is there, it does not work.
> > 
> > That's consistent with my experience.  Even if supplied with login
> > information, it continues to bind anonymously.

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