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RE: diff between synch & asynch

There is no difference in the protocol. The distinction only exists in the API for the
sake of programming convenience.

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Subject: diff between synch & asynch

What are the EXACT differences between synchronous and
asynchronous operations (I mean what client and server send each other) ??
My sniffer couldn't tell me, and rfcs ...
Can anyone give me examples were there are differences ?
(source code with ethereal capture, for exple...)
I wrote two LDAP clients. They both just do :
3.Search (search for the whole tree)
The only difference is that the Search operation is made by
ldap_search_ext() and ldap_search_ext_s(), that is synchronous
and Asynchronous functions, and the ldap_result() & co. that
come with it...
I used these two clients and put a sniffer on my local network.
I expected to see differences in the client-server dialogue, BUT THE TCP FRAMES WERE EXACTLY THE SAME !!?? (server sending this, client sending that, same number of frames...)
Thanks for answering my two questions