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RE: openldap openldap-2.0.25 using 700M of RAM

You're on Linux, you're not dealing with separate processes here.
There is only one process, with a resident size of 21M in your case, with
threads. You don't add the memory usage "collectively", they are all
from a single address space. Notice that all of their memory figures are

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> Hello list,
> I have an openldap server (2.0.25) on a redhat linux box (kernel
> 2.4.18-4smp) with 2 gigs of ram serving an ldap directory with about
> 4000 records.  The directory has a considerable amount of load because a
> mail server is matching email addresses against it.
> Anyway, the ldap processes are collectively using 740MB of RAM on the
> system as shown by the process list below.
> Is this memory usage normal?  Why does open ldap use so much memory?