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Re: back-perl docs?

a back-perl module defines the functions corressponding to the backend "api", ie. "config", "bind", "search", "add", "modify", "del", etc. When the ldap server receives a bind request, for instance, and the back-perl enabled, then the "bind" function in your perl module is called. At that point you can do whatever you'd like with the dn and password passed to your function, then return 0 for success, 1 for error. The same thing goes for the other functions.

I have a win32 specific back-perl you can look at the acctsync.pm file in this package http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/acctsync/acctsync-12JUL02.src.zip
I use this module to sync win2k local accounts and OpenLDAP users.


Paul Reilly wrote:
Good to see that 2.1.3 has the back-perl fix :)

Is there any documentation/examples on using back-perl?
There's no mention of backend modules in the manual, and
only a simple example in the source code.

Also what's the difference between the configure parameters
"--enable-perl" and "--with-perl-module" ?