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Re: Storing SASL secrets in the directory


interesting thread ...

Howard Chu wrote:
> Using this rule
> sasl-regexp "uid=(.*),cn=digest-md5,cn=auth" "ldap:///o=foo,c=us??sub?cn=$1";

In the same line ?

What does it mean ?
Is "ldap:///o=foo,c=us??sub?cn=$1"; part of the DN ?

What else can i use instead of "cn=digest-md5" ?

You told me in another mail (on the list) the documentation
would change with 2.1.3 ...

As i can see the "Administrator guide" is the same as before ...

How about packaging the "Administrator guide" into the 
sources in the next versions ?

greets  Harry

PS.: In the beginning of july i was really missing the list
     as it didn't work for a while.

     I'm happy that now all is working fine again.

     This list is really interesting and helpful,
     congratulations to everybody here ...