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Re: First steps with PAM + LDAP

> I followed 4 tutorials on net (including LDAP Implementation HOWTO).

Well, I hope one of them was mine. :-)

> I'm forwarding my /etc/pam.d/ssh, login and passwd and my
> /etc/pam_ldap.conf and nsswitch.conf and libnss-ldap.conf.

One problem I see right away is in your pam_ldap.conf and
libnss-ldap.conf. You use
  base o=Hermes, c=BR
but I think you want
  base o=Hermes,c=BR
DNs are just strings, so spaces are significant.

I don't know if that's the only problem, though. The best technique is to
watch the exchange between pam_ldap and slapd using ethereal.