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Re: User interrface for Openldap

>I am in the process of implementing OpenLDAP v2.x in our organization. MS
>Outlook Express is the preferred LDAP client for my users. I need to bring
>in a system where users will be able to change their own passwords and a
>selected attributes like Home address, Phone etc; using a Web client or
>preferably Outlook Express. How can I implement this ?


I wrote some intranet pages with PHP, which enable the user to do several
commmon searches and to change some attributes if they are authorized to do
so. - It's wasn't too difficult at all, even for me as a complete
PHP-newbie. The main advantages are, that you can create a solution that
perfectly fits to your special requirements and you can check the data for
common errors before they are added to the Ldap directory.

Hope this helps.