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User interrface for Openldap

Hi all,

I am in the process of implementing OpenLDAP v2.x in our organization. MS
Outlook Express is the preferred LDAP client for my users. I need to bring
in a system where users will be able to change their own passwords and a few
selected attributes like Home address, Phone etc; using a Web client or
preferably Outlook Express. How can I implement this ?

The utilities I have come across on the net seem to be Administrators tools
than user clients. These tools have options for root DN, base DN and a lot
of admin stuff, which will confuse users. I need a simple client which will
authenticate the user, and then permit them to modify fields defined by the
Administrator. All the other details like base DN, bind DN etc will be
defined by the admin in the conf files.

I need to keep this as simple as possible for the users. Any help will be
greatly appreciated.

Michael Fuller,
Network Administrator,
Southern Railway,