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Re: Problems access MS Active Directory from OpenLDAP 2.1.2

Jason Corley wrote:
> I believe I'm trying to do the same thing you are, only I'm using OpenLDAP 2.0.21 -- and still getting the same error.  I don't have an MIT Kerberos realm, I'm trying to use the Win2k realm.  Is that what you're attempting to do?  Does OpenLDAP only work with Kerberos if both the KDC and the LDAP server exist on the same physical machine?
> Thanks,
> Jason

No. I have OpenLDAP on a variety of Unix machines in a MIT realm and can
talk to AD just fine with Kerberos authentication.

If you want to go between the two realms you need a trust between the
MIT realm and the w2k domain.



Al Lilianstrom