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Re: Character rejection '#'

nathaneal gaggiano writes:

It fails as soon as it gets to the dn: cn=#

you should consider taking a look at rfc 2256,
significantly to the section taht lists the
characters that need escape in DNs (especially
those that need escape only when they come first).


Then it kicks it out and says illegal attributetype: ##3COMSI.

dn: cn=#3COMSI,ou=Customers, o=kwe.com
mailhost: 0 uxe450b.kwe.com
mail: #3COMSI@kwe.com
mgrprfc822mailmember: 3COMS1@kwe.com
mgrprfc822mailmember: 3COMS2@kwe.com
mgrprfc822mailmember: 3COMS3@kwe.com
mgrprfc822mailmember: 3COMS4@kwe.com
objectclass: top
objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames
objectclass: mailGroup
mgrperrorsto: postmaster@kwe.com
cn: #3COMSI

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Subject: Re: Character rejection '#'

nathaneal gaggiano writes:
When importing or replicating with each other it falls over due to the
that Netscape allows the character #3COMSI where as OpenLDAP does not
the '#' character to be used in the LDAP definitions.

Could you show exactly an entry which fails? Do you mean you have

mail: #nathaneal.gaggiano@kwe.com

in LDIF?


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