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NEWBIE question: ldap_add: Undefined attribute type

Hello all,

I'm new to LDAP and have fun trying to get it installed and configured. I 've 
been looking through the archives and have found answers to most of my 
questions there, but have finally hit a wall.

I'm trying to import a ldif file that I've received from a netscape directory 
server (version 4.16).

I use this command to try and add the entries - 
ldapadd -x -f /home/ctfunder/directory.ldif -D cn=Manager,o=MyCompany,c=US

I get the following error - 

adding new entry "cn=Foo and Foo,ou=ESL,ou=People,o=MyCompany,c=US"
ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
        additional info: fonManagerDN: Dø      D

ldif_record() = 17

Can someone explain this error to me? Do I need to create a new object? If so 


-Charles Funderburk