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Re: birthdate attribute

> Watch out for performance problems with Evo queries. The last version
> I tested defaulted to sending massive 'OR' queries asking for
> substring matches on about 50 (!) attributes. This completely defeats
> any query optimisation you might try to do with indexes. On a
> directory with any non-trivial amount of data, this will result in
> heavy CPU load and probably memory thrashing as well.

In as much as I'm running syslog debug tail -f logging while
acclimatising, I'd noticed it.

However, the primary question at the moment is: "How do you get rid of
Microsoft Exchange?" For that matter, the whole of Evolution is about as
fast as a snail travelling up a wall.

The world is still young, we have 600 million years to go to Armageddon
(or as I prefer it, Ragnarokk) and people are still busy inventing the




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