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connecting with multi-valued rdn

I have been experiencing an issue and I was told that it is likely a bug 
in the server. I just wanted to give you all a heads up on it.

My dn's are of the form:

 o=Tennessee Tech University,c=US

The display name must be unique at the time of creation, but can change 
later and I didn't want the dn changing for other reasons.

The issue is that:

ldapsearch -x -W -D displayName=testuser+createTimestamp=20020706103625Z,...

works and:

ldapsearch -x -W -D createTimestamp=20020706103625Z+displayName=testuser,...

doesn't. (Switching the order of the attributes that form the composite dn 
element.) The reference that they gave is Section 2.2 of RFC 2253 (LDAP 
v3) which says:

 2.2.  Converting RelativeDistinguishedName

   When converting from an ASN.1 RelativeDistinguishedName to a string,
   the output consists of the string encodings of each
   AttributeTypeAndValue (according to 2.3), in any order.

   Where there is a multi-valued RDN, the outputs from adjoining
   AttributeTypeAndValues are separated by a plus ('+' ASCII 43)

I've dealt with it in my program, but I thought you might like to know.