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ldapsearch problem: duplicate entries that not exists

i discover that the order of filter for composite filter search is important.
the results for this two query are differents:
  ldapsearch .... (&(sn=jramon.pardo)(carLicense=cma))
                                                      ------------------------------> 1 results
  ldapsearch  .... (&(carLicense=cma)(sn=jramon.pardo))
                                                      ------------------------------> 2 results
 i raise the loglevel for the daemon and i met the next log entries:
Jul  9 13:44:49 granada slapd[17256]: conn=7 op=1 ENTRY dn="sn=jramon.pardo , o=empleados"
Jul  9 13:44:49 granada last message repeated 1 time
                                               |-----------------------------------------> why and  what for?
this last entry always appear when i do the search with the parameters is that order.
Anybody know why?
thanks for all.
Agustin Torres-Ternero Alvarez