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Re: birthdate attribute

>>The source RPM.  It isn't in the binary packages (why?).  I posted the
>>schema file to ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/projects/awilliam/misc-ldap/ so
>>you don't have to grab the whole file.  I've also added a section on evo's
>>ldap support to my LDAP presentation
>I fetched both, have configured evolutionPerson into my directory - it
>gives a terrific boost to the inetOrgPerson in Evolution - but I had to
>rebuild the whole database, because of a structural objectclass

Yes.  evolutionPerson is defined as a structural objectclass.  It should
be auxilliary.  One finds this in alot of schema extensions.  I've
complained to Ximian,  but haven't gotten a response yet.

>I flicked through all 358 pdf pages in your tome (yes, I really did)


>now realise what a specialist area this is. Luckily one can begin small
>and grow with needs.

Yep,  the presentation is almost two years old at this point.  It takes
awhile to get one's head around all this.

>I take my hat off to you.


>The only thing that hasn't worked, is getting the Evolution 1.0.8 to
>recognize "lists". Everything else works beautifully. I've configured it
>into the directory o.k., but the client doesn't want to know. Do you
>know if it's at all possible at the moment?

Lists?  Do you mean catagories?  That is next on my hit list.  But
probably this is better discussed over on the evolution list.