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RE: Berkeley DB 4.0

do you launch the configure from build_unix directory ?

After untar db-4  move in db-4.0.14/build_unix/ 
and launch configure from this directory with command: 
bash$ ../dist/configure
for me that is resolved the pb

>Rodier Bernard wrote:
>>On which OS do you try to install openLDAP ?
>>I have no pb to build Berkley DB4 and OpenLDAP 2.1.2 on RH 7.3 and I have 
>>no trace about db_appexit in my libdb-4.so
>I try to build it on redhat 6.2...
>Your problem is exactly the same ?
>Here is the configure script output:
>checking for db.h... yes
>checking for Berkeley DB link (default)... no
>checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb4)... no
>checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb)... yes
>checking for Berkeley DB thread support... yes
>checking Berkeley DB version for BDB backend... no
>configure: error: BDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible