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Re: Problems with deleting and adding entries with same RDN

Mads - Nordija wrote:

There are 2 problems with this:

The first problem is, that if I add an entry (say with RDN of id=1001),
delete it and then add a new entry with same RDN (id=1001),
I get an error 68 (Name Already Bound) even though the entry does not
exist if I check it manually with an ldap-client. I'm trying to do
this through the java ldap-interface 1.2.4 (jndi) from sun. I don't think it
is the java API causing the problem, since this error survives a
restart of the java-program, but I'm not sure.

Does anybody know if openldap cashes something and if so, how one
could avoid this?

If I add en entry (say with RDN of id=1001), delete it, then add
another entry ( with RDN id=1000 ) and then try to rename it to id=1001, the
openldap-server crashes with a Communication Exception (error 80)!!

It could at first glance seem like a bug in openldap, since it is not a
great thing to be able to crash it from any client, however, could
this have something to do with my schema-definition?

You should try a more recent release, since great work on these topics has been done since 2.0.21; if the problem persists, please repost.