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Re: OpenLDAP + Microsoft Outlook

That's the way it works now.

-- Dean Gibson

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Subject: RE: OpenLDAP + Microsoft Outlook
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 11:51:28 -0700
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Sounds cool.  One feature request - download message headers first, and then download the rest of the message body.  I hate this fact about Outlook, when you've got hundreds of emails to download, it gets tied up until a few dozen have already been downloaded.  With all the spam I get, I need the ability to review subject/from headers quickly and delete the emails before they ever get downloaded.

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Pine / PC-Pine is the open source eMail client that is closest to being a reasonable competitor to Outlook at the present.  Pine does support LDAP & SSL;  however, it has an inconsistent user interface and is a bit "clunky", in my opinion.

I'm working on a Java eMail client that will support LDAP/SSL and hopefully be similar in "look & feel" to Outlook.  It's at least a month away from being ready, and whether I make it publicly available and how (e.g., open source) is an open question at present.

-- Dean Gibson

Irving Carrion wrote on 2002-07-08 06:52:
Hello All,


P.S.  I've been looking for anything OPENSOURCE that could compete with MS Outlook.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I've looked at sourceforge and freshmeat with no luck.