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Problems replicating...


I set up openLDAP to replicate its data between two servers. This works
fine when I add and/or modify entries.
But when I delete something from the master ldap, the slave ldap doesn't
delete the item.

this is wat the rej log fails tells me:

      # tail boromir.isp.iplab.atea.be:389.rej
      ERROR: Success
      replica: boromir.isp.iplab.atea.be:389
      time: 1026126606.0
      dn: ou=dnsData,dc=test.isp.iplab.atea.be,o=isp,o=SPOSA_ISP
      changetype: delete

      ERROR: Success
      replica: boromir.isp.iplab.atea.be:389
      time: 1026127711.0
      dn: customSchema=subscriber, ou=admin, o=SPOSA_ISP
      changetype: delete

The error seems to be Success however the other site doesn't delete the
entry so it is hardly a success :(

Anybody got any help on this one ?


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