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Re: Problem with Roaming access

søn, 2002-07-07 kl. 06:30 skrev Olivier Hoarau:

> defaultaccess read
> access to attr=userPassword
>         by self write
>         by anonymous auth
>         by dn="cn=Manager,dc=kervao,dc=fr" write
>         by * none
> access to *
>         by dn="cn=Manager,dc=kervao,dc=fr" write
>         by * read
> access to * by * search

Experts forgive me, I'm new on the list too and learning, so I could
well be shooting off my head. However, "nothing ventured, nothing

Olivier, it seems to me that you haven't defined what you want to give
access to. For example:

access to dn="cn=*,dc=kervao,dc=fr"
        by anonymous auth

That works for me with gq - I haven't tried Netscape roaming access.
(not kervao.fr, obviously :-)

The rest is more or less what I have, apart from the fact that you don't
have to give Manager write permissions because you've already defined
him as root dn.

For the rest, see if you have gq as client in your rpms and try it. It
will save you an awful lot of time in finding out how the whole ldap
structure works, plus configuring new things.



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