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Re: extracting the lber library?

At 09:13 AM 2002-07-05, Niklas Olsson wrote:
>I'm building a small app that needs to be able to communicate with
>directory servers using LDAP. I've been checking out the OpenLDAP API
>which I think is really neat, but I do however have pretty strict
>limitations on the maximum footprint of my app so I can't just include
>the entire OpenLDAP API. Thus I've decided to implement a small subset of
>the LDAP protocol myself.
>Now to the point of this posting: To speed the development process up a
>bit I would very much like to be able to use the lber library that
>OpenLDAP uses. Is that possible? If not: are ther any stand-alone
>libraries that perform the BER en-/decoding needed?

You can certainly use the LBER library without the LDAP library.
However, in your situation, you might just start with the LDAP
library and just #ifdef out the portions you don't want.

Or, use a linker smart enough to only include in the executable
the portions of the libraries you need.