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re: Unable to login to local LDAP server

At this time the only thing I've used to work on the data are the idealx perl tools from their site.  smbldap-useradd.pl, smbldap-usershow.pl things like that.  My use of ldap is very preliminary at this time, currently I am attempting to get a better handle on linux in general by building a LFS system and trying to figure out the login issue.  I'm sure someplace in the debugging output is the real reason.  I think mine is the user cannot be found by ldap even though the smbldap-usershow.pl lists the user just fine.

Thus far I found the idealx pdf problematic, but it will fill a minor gap in knowledge.  I also found the PAM official doc site helpful, and voodoo linux had a ldap administrators guide which is likely from someplace else, but it was readable from a laymans standpoint.


 >>  What tool(s) do you use to administer your OpenLDAP server? How can I be
 >>  sure that I have the server set up properly? Any recommended reading?