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Re: Which version of LDAP does OpenLdap v1.2.9 implement

Chandra Sekhar Suram wrote:

> I have one more doubt.  Is this implementation of the OpenLdap
> software completely compliant
> with the rfc2587??

I doubt that any product is "completely compliant" to RFC2587.

Yes, you can store certificates and CRLs in OpenLDAP 1.2.x. But if that works for you depends also on your applications.

Note that LDAPv2 was shifted to historic a couple of months ago which also affects RFC2587. Therefore you should not rely on this.

A very lenghty discussion happened on IETF ldapbis mailing list about userCertificate vs. userCerticate;binary. You might wanna check out the archive for getting some of the issues...

Ciao, Michael.