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Re: Integrating Domino Mail Server authentication with Openldap

If you have a mail (POP3/IMAP) user on your Domino R5 server, that
user must be contained in the NAB (domino directory) for him/her
to be able to authenticate against the POP3 task of Domino. It is
not possible to have the POP3 task query your OpenLDAP server for
credentials, not even with Directory Assistance. Webmail is different:
here, you can have Directory Assistance set up to query your OpenLDAP
server and those people can be added to the ACL of the Notes database
and be looked up and authenticated against your LDAP server.

What you are probably looking for is to wait for R6:

According to the "Domino 6 Technical Overview", you'll be able to
"...authenticate Internet clients for IMAP, POP3, LDAP, and NNTP
clients as well as HTTP clients using a secondary directory
(Domino or third-party LDAP)".


On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Michael Fuller wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am working towards an Integrated directory services infrastructure to
> bring in a single sign on for network services. The system is being
> implemented on Redhat v7.3 and Openldap v2.x. The Openldap schema has been
> extended to accommodate freeRadius extensions.
> Authentication for freeRadius and Squid Proxy have been integrated with
> Openldap. Now, I need to integrate Domino Mail server v5.x authentication
> with this system. Users must be authenticated against LDAP when accessing
> POP3 and Web Mail. How do I proceed with this setup?
> I have been trying for the past few weeks to get this done. Please help.
> Thanks in advance for all the help
> Michael Fuller