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Re: Locker does not exist

This problem is fixed in OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2.

At 04:14 AM 2002-06-29, Bruno Solo wrote:
>What means those messages in log files (loglevel 256)
>Jun 28 21:20:24 viviane slapd[3826]: bdb(o=broceliande): Lock table is
>out of available locker entries
>Jun 28 21:20:24 viviane slapd[3826]: => bdb_idl_fetch_key: get failed:
>Cannot allocate memory (12)
>Jun 28 21:20:24 viviane slapd[3854]: bdb(o=broceliande): Locker does not
>whith Openldap-2.1.2 and back-bdb.
>The slapd freeze and the load average grows up.
>is it a matter of threads and/or concurrency.